Alpesh Patel – How To Invest Better

Alpesh Patel – How To Invest Better

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Alpesh Patel – How To Invest Better

Alpesh Patel – How To Invest Better

The contents of the “How To Invest Better” Financial Education Course


Reading Price Charts with Skill:


The indicators I use and the main banks use for long term investments and short-term trades – The right and the wrong (popular) way to pick stocks – Stock theories of the best managers and how you can apply them – The best sites for quick success – Swing trading – why short term trading – With CFDs, Spreads -Techniques I used to beat every other stockpicker on Bloomberg TV – Momentum trading – Chart patterns with overwhelming success rates – Proven signs the market is about to turn


Money & Risk Management – insights from the world’s leading traders from New York, Chicago and London:


About picking stocks – Managing risk like a pro – Recovering and handling losses – World’s leading traders on risk – How I came top out of 45 stock pickers on Channel 4 – How I could leave the Bar to trade full-time – Do’s and don’ts of leaving the day job to trade full-time – Welcome to my trading room – the complete set-up – Private investor mistakes -5 errors I bet you make


Best practice for Investing for the Long Term:


Which one stock could you replace in your portfolio to keep the same likely rewards but reduce your risk? – What happens to your portfolio if market drops 10% – What’s the correct number of stocks – Avoiding getting whipsawed out of trades – How to inexpensively gain exposure to the world’s key growth regions – The key criteria for longer term investment and where to quickly find the information


Investing Psychology, the most important factor of all:


Why trading psychology is the real secret to trading success – lessons from 10 leading traders – time scale of trading best suited to your psychology – developing objectivity – You are not supposed to be getting excited at that windfall – How would you have handled these trades – What buy and holders must do.


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