Michael Caughey - Bitcoin Step by Step

Bitcoin Step by Step


Bitcoin Step by Step

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 Michael Caughey - Bitcoin Step by Step

Bitcoin Step by Step

This is the second edition of Bitcoin step by Step. It has been updated and expanded to include more forms of Wallets, Resources and a better description of the Bitcoin network.
What is a Bitcoin, how do they maintain their value, how can you obtain them and where can you use them? The answers to these questions and many more can be found in this book. The author takes the user step by step through how to:
•Set up an online wallet and secure it
•How to get mobile wallets
•Set up a personal wallet on your own computer and secure it
•How to exchange government back currency like the US Dollar to and from Bitcoins
•How to perform Over The Counter trades
•How to safely trade with Bitcoins
•How to research the market
•How to send and receive Bitcoins
•How you can earn Bitcoins
•Where you can spend Bitcoins
The reader will also learn:
•What a Bitcoin really is
•Basic understanding of how the Bitcoins are processed
•How are Bitcoins stored
•How you prove ownership of Bitcoins
• The underbelly that exists in Bitcoin trading
There is an abundance of information about Bitcoins out there for the reader that wants to sift through it. The author takes the reader through a guided tour teaching them what they need to know in order to use the Bitcoin infrastructure and points out where the reader can find more information when they want it. The step by step nature of the book shows the user screen by screen how to do most actions in the book. After completing this book, the reader will know how to use the Bitcoin market in a safe and secure manner.


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