David Bean – EVP 2 Strategy

David Bean – EVP 2 Strategy

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David Bean – EVP 2 Strategy

David Bean – EVP 2 Strategy

EVP-2 Five Minute Forex Trading System is based on five minute charts and similar to the EVP-123 trading system. The basic pattern that is used in the strategy was designed over 12 years ago for the stock index futures. This is one of our favorite trading strategies for any market. We also use this trading system on other futures markets. The entries are very selective and work to catch fast markets. It uses a tight stop loss.


It is a strategy that keeps the losers small with a $300 stop loss for 100k lot trades and lets the winners run on a day-trade basis. It also uses a $400 breakeven and $700 trailing stop loss per 100k. EVP-2 only uses the forex data and futures price or volume data is not required. This strategy could be considered a volatilty, range, momentum, trend following strategy.


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