gannglobal - Forensic Forecasts Investment & Trading Package

Gannglobal – Forensic Forecasts Investment & Trading Package

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gannglobal - Forensic Forecasts Investment & Trading Package

Gannglobal – Forensic Forecasts Investment & Trading Package

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Forensic Forecasts Investment & Trading Package 

Price history is an account of human nature in action. All the false hopes, fears, stubbornness, pride, get rich quick mentality and other character defects which the pursuit of money brings out in people, translates into market moves being overdone to the upside and downside as a result of over-optimism and over-pessimism. We look to capitalize on this by going opposite the crowd at key market turning points. A big part of our mission is to make the lessons of history readily available and convey that information in an easily understandable format. We attempt to determine when the markets move into extraordinary positions historically. Then we look for trade opportunities which can provide upwards of 10 to 1 on reward/risk opportunities. This package includes our Forensic Forecast Update Video Reports along with our Position Traders Hotline ($449/every 6 months).


Forensic Forecast Video Updates:

  • We follow markets entering potential windows of opportunity that may develop into a trade action.
  • Time sensitive forecasts and trade related information
  • Video format for timely delivery – Hot off the press
  • Analysis of imminent opportunities
  • Rationale for trade action or inaction
  • Specific trade actions and recommendations given during these videos.
  • Slides available as PDF download
  • Frequency increases when trade action increases and markets enter a “live period”
  • E-mail notifications are sent when videos are posted in the subscriber area

Publication Schedule:

  • Monday: Metals & Energy Markets
  • Wednesday: Stock Market, Interest Rates & Dollar
  • Friday: Agricultural & Soft Commodities


Position Traders Hotline:

This service is for traders and investors who want specific trading recommendations. The trades can be implemented with futures contracts, options, and ETFs. Each trading recommendation is very specific as it tells you exactly what to buy, what price to enter at, where to place the initial exit parameters for risk control, and when to take profit on winning trades. Position-sizing recommendations are included for risk management purposes. Pyramiding strategies may be discussed as well, in order to allow aggressive traders to take full advantage of runaway moves.

  • Specific trade recommendations, trade management, entry & exit, risk parameters
  • Text e-mail format for timely delivery of time sensitive information — also available in the subscriber area as a PDF)
  • Sent on an as-needed basis
  • Scheduled updates on Wednesdays and Weekends
  • Typically accompanied by a Forensic Forecast Investment Report to explain rational


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