Matthew Encina – Styleframes

Matthew Encina – Styleframes

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Matthew Encina – Styleframes

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Matthew Encina – Styleframes

Matthew Encina – Styleframes

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What you will learn

01. Story & Composition

You’ll learn the basic techniques of narrative sequencing, camera framing, perspective, hierarchy, lines, lighting, and contrast.


02. Mood Boards

You’ll learn about mood boards, the pre-cursor style frames, and how to use them to communicate preliminary ideas. Here you’ll understand how to curate images to define your target aesthetic before you design.


03. Gathering Assets

Find the perfect assets. Learn what search phrases to use– both basic and advanced– to find the assets you need for your mood boards and style frames.


04. Compositing & Painting

Watch Matthew’s process of creating a detailed style frame in Photoshop from scratch. You’ll learn simple painting and compositing techniques to design your style frames. You’ll also learn Matthew’s top tips for speeding up your process, color correction, and adding finishing touches to make your images pop.


05. Pitch Deck Example

To see where style frames fit into a pitch process, Matthew breaks down an example deck to show how he uses style frames and other elements, to sell his vision to clients.


BONUS – Designing Narrative Sequences in 3D

As a bonus lecture, Matthew walks you through the process of building dynamic narrative sequences in Cinema 4D. He uses all of the cumulative lessons learned through the course, and teaches you how to apply that in a 3d environment.



For storytellers and designers

Practicing Motion Designers

Stand out among your peers and give your portfolio the extra edge by improving your design and storytelling skills. Pick up in-depth knowledge about crafting well-composed frames and tell powerful stories.

Aspiring Motion Designers

If you’re just starting out, this class will guide you through the entire process of creating a beautiful style frame from scratch. From foundational knowledge to initial sketch, all the way through painting your frame as a Photoshop composite.


Create visuals that clearly communicate your ideas. This course will help you understand the fundamentals of framing, lighting, and composition, so you can learn how to create images that tell your story in an impactful way.

Everything you need to start making beautiful style frames.

From foundation to final details, Matthew shares insights from his decade of experience as a creative director, animator, and designer.

Course – Watch easy-to-follow entertaining and informative lectures.

Examples – Complete mini assignments that build up to your final style frame design.

Practice – Practice with exercises to improve your skills.

Library – Get instant access to files, course recaps, and other exclusive materials.

Matthew Encina

Your Instructor

Matthew Encina is an award-winning creative director at Blind. His clients include Fortune 500 brands, music artists, tech companies, and video games. For over a decade he has been working on top-tier campaigns at some of Los Angeles’ premier design studios and agencies.

Matthew’s work has been featured in Fast Company, Creativity, Inc., Rolling Stone, The Wall Street Journal, and in film & design festivals around the world. Career highlights include award-winning interactive music video “Ink” for Coldplay, and multiple visually stunning campaigns for Xbox over the years.

To help creatives level-up, Matthew regularly contributes to The Futur – where he creates educational content on pitching, design, and animation. He has also has spoken at international conferences including Graphika Manila and TEDxCSLUB.

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