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Perry Marshall – Truth Seminar HD Recordings

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Perry Marshall – Truth Seminar HD Recordings

Perry Marshall – Truth Seminar HD Recordings

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YOU have a carnivorous T-Rex fixin’ to eat you – all the time.

You know: this time next year, your products, services, offerings must be better, faster, cheaper, more impressive, more efficient, more effective… Everything must get better all the time… And you also know that once every three or five or ten years, a little better is not enough. Cuz someone is going to totally disrupt, and all clocks get reset to zero.

But if I say to you: Go to Starbucks for two hours this afternoon. When you return, you must bring home at least three options for re-inventing yourself. Your team will cast a vote and in six months have new products on the market.

Oh, and by the way… incremental tweaks won’t cut it. Radical re-inventions only.

Could you?

99% could not. Why? Because there’s no formula.

Not before now.

At the Truth Seminar, AKA “Truth is Stranger Than Fiction” May 21-23, 2019 in Chicago, I’m delivering the formula, along with detailed, up-close insider views of a half-dozen Axis Shifters who’ve done the same.

This is NOT the all-too-common dog and pony show of shazam-o speakers and marketers and power point presentations. This is me pulling the stories out of Axis Shifters… turning off the cameras and tape recorders when asked… exposing the meat and grit of their thinking.

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Six months ago, I could not have articulated or explained this to you. But in late 2018 I started tracing the pattern I had missed for so long. This pattern was common to all three cases above; it was common to dozens, possibly hundreds of Planet Perry members, and every single one of my own inventions and innovations.

I’ve de-constructed and re-invented …

  • Google
  • Facebook
  • 80/20
  • Business strategy
  • Evolution
  • Theology
  • Psychology
  • Acoustics
  • Manufacturing
  • Mathematics
  • Marketing
  • …and across 100+ industries, as I’ve helped thousands of clients re-invent businesses, careers and professions.

…but I’ve never explained how until now. Before now, I couldn’t.

Why 99% of business are “Diminishing Returns”

99% of businesses are Diminishing Returns businesses. Above a certain point, the more you put in, the less you get out.

It provides you with a beautiful lifestyle at $2 million… and it’s a cortisol-injecting, stress-drenched death trap at $4 million.

A SELECT FEW businesses (1%) are Exponential Growthbusinesses. Above a certain point, the more you put in, the MORE you get out.

It’s a bleeding red money pit at $1 million… and a GUSHER at $10 million.

“Info marketing” is a Diminishing Returns business… consulting is a Diminishing Returns business…

Manufacturing is a Diminishing Returns business. Most “professional service companies” are Diminishing Returns.


Software as Service is an Exponential Business. InfusionSoft is a perfect example – estimated to be worth $967 million last year. InfusionSoft was born in Planet Perry.

Another good example would be the company Planet Perry member Casey Graham sold. He got over $10 million for an App that collects church offerings.

Swift Capital, sold to PayPal for a much larger sum of money, is also an Exponential Business. It is now known as “Loan Builder” and their ads are seen by hundreds of millions of people.


Diminishing Returns businesses are EASY to start… and HARD to cash out of.

Exponential Growth businesses are HARD to start… and EASY to cash out of. Often they fetch 4X revenue or more. A $5 million company might fetch $25 million. It makes its founder wealthy.

When I worked at Synergetic, we transformed a Diminishing Returns model into Exponential Growth model – and our $4 million company (with $2 million of debt) was bought by a public company for $18 million.


Is there a way to connect the two? Is there a way to start in a Diminishing Returns business and transition to Exponential Growth so you get the best of BOTH worlds?

The answer is a resounding YES. I’ve personally participated in this several times. I’m doing it again now.

At 11am May 22, Day 2 of Truth Seminar, I’m going to unveil a “Universal Voltage Adapter” for connecting your Diminishing Returns business to an Exponential Growth business.

One of my special guests, who 1 year ago was a regular rank and file Planet Perry consultant and serial entrepreneur, now presides over a movie studio with $1.1 BILLION of backing, because he employed this type of model.

You can join us live in person, or via live stream. Register now to get the pre-event education stream!

It’s a universal formula. Denominators of Disruption. There is nothing this cannot be applied to. No product that can’t be re-formulated. No industry that can’t be disrupted. No profession that can’t be overturned.

The first incarnation where I recognized this pattern was my first time getting fired from a job. It triggered a series of dominoes, one after another, and even the dominoes themselves fit the pattern.

This first story has no less than six dominoes. Each would later echo back in the form of million-dollar, even billion-dollar businesses, years later. Can you pick them out? (Once you recognize this pattern, you’ll spot it everywhere.)

My first time getting fired was from a rogue FAX. My employer was W.W. Grainger, a billion-dollar wholesale firm. My fax (“from” the CEO, Mr. Keyser) said:

“We regret to inform you that Grainger stock has plummeted from 63 dollars a share to 17 dollars a share and we will be closing all branches effective Friday. We want to thank you for your years of service and hard work and we will make every effort to complete payroll for the current week.”

I slid it into the FAX machine. Tony pressed SEND. The modem chirped as it made its way to the Omaha branch.

Tony and I gleefully waited for them to call us back.

No one called. We waited and waited.

Finally we couldn’t stand it anymore. We called them.

“That was YOU??? Brenda pulled that off the Fax machine and immediately went into hysterics. She started calling all her friends and relatives, sobbing –

‘I just lost my job after 12 years and I don’t know what I’m going to do….!’

“We didn’t know what to think, so we faxed it to Des Moines.

“They didn’t know what to think, so they faxed it to Sioux City.

“They didn’t know what to think, so they faxed it to Fort Smith Arkansas…”

Apparently, my very first experiment in copywriting and electronic communication went viral! (This was 1990 when FAX machines were state of the art.)

Care to guess what my boss said the next day when he came in?


Ha ha, very funny… clever joke, but a nasty kick in the teeth for a 21-year-old guy who’d been married for 10 months. It knocked me way off my game. I started flunking a summer school class and had to drop it.

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Reactions to the Rosetta Stone Seminar

I landed a local job delivering coupon books in my car. Telemarketers would pitch folks on helping a children’s charity. Selling $20 books with discounts on restaurants and stuff.

I asked the boss: “How much of that money goes to the charity?”

He stammered and didn’t answer the question.

The next day he fired me for “looking at a lady funny on delivery because she didn’t have her checkbook with her.”

(I think the real reason he fired me was my dangerous questions.)

I got a warehouse job at a chemical instrument company. Most warehouses have a printout that tells you which shelf the items are on, so you don’t have to memorize where everything is.

Their warehouse was a train wreck. These guys had 20,000 parts with no system for finding them. One day I walked across the hall and visited the IT manager. “Rich, Is it possible to add a location field to the stock picking printouts?”

“Yes. We used to have those, but Mary told us to take them off.”

The next day I got summoned to Mary’s office. Something seemed “off.” Her boss Conrad was there too.

“Rich says you talked to him about our stock printouts yesterday.”

She was angry.

“Uh… Yes, I did. I was trying to make our job easier.”

“You went over my head.”

“I hoped to find out if they could add those fields before bugging you with a suggestion that might not even be possible.”

“You don’t ever go over my head, Perry. I’m sorry but we have to let you go.”

Fired again. Third time.

Both Conrad and Mary sported company badges with a slogan:


ACME was a terrible place to work. Everyone under pressure. Paranoid. Everyone looking over their shoulder. Pins and needles. Every Sunday night I would get depressed about Monday.

My trip across the hallway threatened to blow the whistle on Mary. She was terrified news about her incompetence would spread.

So that’s how I got fired from three jobs in two months.

(My new father-in-law relished his daughter’s new husband who couldn’t hold a steady job.)

…Which is the only reason I was willing to listen when my friend Bill kept inviting me to “Network Marketing” meetings.

A year before I would have paid zero attention to such fantasies. But having been ejected from three different jobs at the tender age of 21, I was feeling cynical about the employment scene.

Bill invited me to yet another meeting. I went… but I still couldn’t figure out how to decide if this was even a good idea. It was just so… out of left field. I was in engineering school, so why would I jump out of that and do… Amway???

Laura, always the practical one, said: “Perry, if you graduated from school making $2,000 a month on the side part time, what would you do?”

The light bulb flicked on. I’d always entertained a vague fantasy of starting an engineering company. HEY! If I was already financially self-sustaining, this would be a lot easier.

All their prattle about Cadillacs and sandy beaches had been lost on me. In that moment, realized “owning your own business” was eminently practical. A profitable business on the side gives you options. So I drank the MLM pink koolaid and most folks have heard my Amway stories.

A year later Laura and I moved to Chicago. We hardly knew a soul. I had to recruit people cold. I started going to malls and stores and shaking hands every night, meeting people.

In MLM, momentum is EVERYTHING. It’s like starting a campfire. If you stoke it hot enough, you can get a blazing furnace… but if you rub your sticks in slo-mo, you might as well melt a glacier with your bare hands.

horribly agonizingly badly wanted this thing to work… but it was an anvil. When a business refuses to work, it breaks your heart, doesn’t it?

I couldn’t “meet enough people” and “make enough new friends” to draw circles 15-20 times every month. This was killing me on the inside.

Laura had mentally checked out long before. Her mama was a farmer’s wife, and Laura’s mama didn’t raise no fool. But I was playing the fool. Throwing good money after bad.

This dragged on for years. Eventually I found myself in a new job as a young sales rep as well… where I had the same exact same problems I was having in Amway: Not enough people. Not enough leads. Not enough prospects. Not enough appointments. Not enough “deal flow.” Zero momentum.

And zero commissions.

In my quieter moments (when I wasn’t guzzling down motivational tapes) I would mutter under my breath:

“Somehow, some way, I am going to outsmart this thing!!!!” I just couldn’t see how.

(I would also catch myself thinking, no sane person would ever inflict this on anyone. But that was “stinkin’ thinkin’,” so I would immediately shove those thoughts down even deeper.)

I ambled into a coliseum in Peoria Illinois where Dan Kennedy was selling “Magnetic Marketing.” I spent the $278 and those tapes were a lot more expensive than Amway tapes. “Maybe I can generate leads for Amway AND my sales rep job.”

I lugged that giant manual home and started doing lead generation. Sending out sales letters, making offers, getting appointments. I tried a bunch of things. Several panned out.

My direct marketing experiments actually DID work – as well as anyone could reasonably expect from a young pup like me, anyway.

But the cost of each appointment was $50 to $200. I wrote in to Dan Kennedy. Dan told me: “Your numbers are respectable. $100 an appointment is right in line.”

I listened and considered. I said to myself, “Perry, what you just did was you converted shoe-leather, manual-labor, go-to-the-mall-and-meet-people into ‘put money in slot and out comes appointment. You systematized this.”

I reasoned to myself: “A top expert says your numbers are not bad. Plus… didn’t you used to spend two to five hours walking around shaking hands to get that one appointment before? Would you spend $10 (or even $40) to save yourself one hour? What is your time worth anyway?

“But… if you have to pay $100 per appointment, and you only sponsor one out of five or ten, and most flake out after two weeks… the numbers in this business just don’t pan out. Multiply this out all the way to Diamond… you’ll spend $400K to get $100K back!

“Yes, of course you can get people under you to do this, but they’ll just be losing money the same way you are now. If you’re making $100K, it’s only because they’re losing $300K! It’s just passing the buck, that’s all. No sane investor would finance the whole shebang – ever. Your distributors are working for negative twenty bucks an hour. If they valued their time they would stop.

“DANG… this is economically impossible. It makes no logical sense!”

I also realized: There are tons of other businesses with way better economics.

I decided… this phase of my life is OVER. I hung it up.

I guess I just had to learn the hard way… it wasn’t good enough for me to take the word of all the cynics and skeptics out there (who were too lazy to do something like this anyway).

Just cuz they were lazy didn’t make them wrong about Amway. Someone had to prove to me I was wrong. I had to prove it to myself!

So once my own real-life experiment got carried out that way… once I had experienced and seen it with my own eyes… the truth was inescapable.

I redirected energy into my job at Synergetic, where I was sales and marketing manager – and into online marketing side businesses, from various websites to selling stuff on EBay.

My life quickly transformed from: I pour 55-gallon drums of work, sweat and passion IN and I get nothing but misery and heartache OUT … To…

“I am consistently getting traction with every move I make!”

I cannot tell you what a ball and chain the previous failures were. They were eating my intestines. And I also cannot tell you how edifying and inspiring my new successes were.

Four years later Synergetic got sold to Lantronix. I got $268,000 in stock options. Parachuted out and started my current business.

I didn’t realize it at the time, but as I was jamming Direct Marketing and Amway together, I was executing a brilliant, repeatable strategy that I would use for the rest of my career.

I wasn’t just taking someone’s word for it. I was experiencing it, in my bones. I wasn’t blindly following the herd. I was getting some of the grittiest life experience you can imagine. The clash of machinery and ruthless sifting of ideas in the lab of harsh reality.

Decades later, I would suddenly see: this is also how you axis-shift the loan industry and get bought by PayPal for an obscene amount of money…. This is how a guy deeply in debt creates an industry-defining company worth seven figures in four years… this is how you pivot the movie business 90 degrees and summon $1.1 billion of capital in one year.

This is a De-Construction + Re-Invention Engine with a finite assemblage of parts and a specific type of gas tank and transmission and wheels.

This is how you transform the landscape YOU live in and work in, right now. You do it by penetrating the darkness and reaching the deeper truth.

You see… Amway was a set of beliefs, propositions, assumptions. Amway was a model, it was a product, a service… a collection of teachings and culture. All of which taught you “how to sell.”

But Direct Marketing was a larger, more universal set of beliefs, propositions and assumptions. It too was a model, a product, a service, a collection of teachings and culture.

DM too told you “how to sell.” But it told you how to do it anytime, anywhere, not just in a cult-like organization with rallies in Salt Lake City and Charlotte, North Carolina.

Everything in Amway fit in the direct marketing box, somewhere. DM was a universal acid.

A “group” was a list. Recruiting folks and building an MLM organization was simply an alternative means of growing a customer base.

Tapes books and seminars? Those were information marketing. They were sold on a continuity program.

If you separated the information marketing part of MLM from the “alternative distribution” part, you realized that selling picks and shovels to the coal miners was a FAR more profitable business than coal mining.

In fact it was so profitable they didn’t tell you A SINGLE WORD ABOUT IT until you attained ‘Direct Distributor’!

(Let’s put it a different way. More accurate way to say it: The coal mining sucked so bad, if they had not bolted a moderately profitable picks-and-shovels business on the back end and cleverly concealed it from the minions, it would have been doomed.)

Once I welded these two worlds together, I understood BOTH vastly better than before. When I applied the tools of Direct Marketing to MLM, it revealed to me that the economics were so upside-down, they called for an anti-gravity machine.

Then… as I framed what they were teaching me in the craft of copywriting, persuasion, headlines, tribe-building, hypnosis and NLP, I became awakened to how shamelessly manipulative and cultish the whole thing was.

I would be lying to you if I told you I coldly, objectively and rationally detached and immediately stopped. I did not. I was not and am not Mr. Spock. It took time to absorb this truth and come to grips with the fact that I had thrown good money after bad for years. I tapered off.

It took a long time to face the fact that the those ‘losers’ who told me I was an idiot were right. (Even though they didn’t know why they were right.) Ego and insecurity had made me a MARK with a big red bulls-eye on my forehead.

My friends were enjoying peaceful evenings of TV and Doritos with their families while I drove across Indiana in a snowstorm to sell more people more pink koolaid. I was the loser not, them!

My rose-colored glasses shattered. Once I fully embraced the truth, I never looked back.

(Once or twice a year, I still have a dream where I am supposed to recruit all these people. In my dream, I’m telling myself that it really is possible, and it really is going to work this time… then I bolt awake in pools of sweat and realize it was just a dream…)

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