Pivot Day Trader for NinjaTrader

Pivot Day Trader for NinjaTrader

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Pivot Day Trader for NinjaTrader

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Pivot Day Trader for NinjaTrader

Pivot Day Trader for NinjaTrader

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Dear Trader,

I am going to be very blunt with you…

What you’re about to discover on this page is not the usual run-of-the-mill stuff.

It’s not for softies.

It’s for people like you who want to stick it to their brokers and everybody else who’s sold you a financial miracle pie filled with bullshit where the sun don’t shine.

My language ain’t pretty. I know, but I have to tell it like it is because…

You Need To Hear The Truth!

Listen: I have perfected a pivot-trading method that lets me make 3 to 6 trades every day the market is open. I on the other hand, am more of a conservative trader and will usually settle for one trade assuming it was a winner and then close my computer. My trading method is almost automatic. It works like a Swiss watch. It is, I believe, the most unusual… and… the most profitable trading method ever developed in human history!

It Is Based
On Two Simple
Core Truths About
The Financial Market

  1. Unexpected positive (or negative) volume about a trading instrument… will usually… cause the price to jump up (or drop down) like crazy!2. That positive (or negative) volume… will not… make the price of that trading instrument stay up (or down)!Let’s put your imagination to work. I want you to imagine you and I walk into a huge room where there are about 10,000 other people. There’s a guy on stage who says he has some very important, late-breaking news about let’s say…

Crude Oil!

And just to be clear, my method works on any liquid financial instrument, any Forex pair, Stocks or Futures commodity.

Ok, back to my example, the guy says he has Xeroxed 10,000 copies of a news release which explains this new late-breaking news. He has all 10,000 people in that room form a single line. Then, he starts walking down the line passing out copies of the news release. Now, let’s say I’ve got some “pull” and I arrange for you to be right at the front of that long line. You are the very first person… to get that release!

You look at the release and the headline says something like this:

USA Is About To Invade Iraq!

Wow! That sounds like good news for Crude Oil, doesn’t it? You read the first couple of paragraphs and discover the symbol for Crude Oil is CL.

You immediately pull your laptop out, and place a “buy” order online. While you are doing this, other things are happening in that room. The guy with the news releases is still passing them out… and… the people who get that press release are reacting in different ways:

  • Some of the people are reacting very promptly to the news in that release just like you did.
  • Some people are calling their broker and asking his opinion (what a joke that is!) of what CL was written about in the news release.
  • Some people crumple up the news release and throw it away.
  • Some people fire up their laptops, go online and start researching.
  • Some of the people in that line are reporters and go off to write a story (based on the facts in that news release) which will appear on the TV evening news… or… tomorrow’s newspaper.
  • Some of the people have to go to another appointment… so… they put the release in their briefcase and take it with them so they can read it later that evening.0

However, no matter what, the news contained in that release will begin to affect the price of CL…

In Seconds!

OK, let’s say a few minutes have gone by. You check what’s happening to the price… and… it’s going up like a rocket!

What do you do? It’s simple: You keep riding it up and sell out your position about 3 to 5 minutes later.

What happens next? The answer is simple: I take you across the hall to another big room that is jam-packed with another 10,000 people. There’s another guy getting ready to pass a news release about something else.

Once again, everybody has to line up single file in a very long line.

Once again, I use my “pull” and I take you to the very front of the line.

Once again, you read the release, immediately place an order with your online broker in the symbol written up in the release.

And, once again, you sell and cash in… in mere minutes!

Over and over and over.

Up To 6 Times Per Day!

But wait! What if, when you check the price of what you traded 5 minutes after you bought it… is now trending against you?
What do you do? Simple: You sell out your position immediately… and… you keep your loss down to a microscopic level.

There’s one more thing that could happen. Let’s say your position keeps trading at more or less the same price it was when you entered… and then… it goes up like a rocket!

Is this a win for you? No. Not with my method. With my method…

If The Price Isn’t Moving
In Just A Few Short Minutes
After The News Comes Out…
You Dump It!

Sounds pretty simple, doesn’t it? Yes, it is… if…you know all the details.

Get Pivot Day Trader for NinjaTrader on

Just to clarify, the above was just an example. My method is NOT based on “news” trading! It is based on pivot trading. And the news-press release examples can be compared to as tell-tale signs!

First, you have to know what tell-tale signs to look for. If you are looking at a chart, and don’t have a clue what to look for… except at your indicators… that 99.99% of the time are lagging… then my friend… I feel sorry for you! You see… the fact is that indicators are always one step behind the price you see on your chart.

Unfortunately, most trading systems are teaching this ONE thing and that is to follow their so called magical indicator(s) with blind faith. Using such a system, you are forced to throw away your own common sense and logic out the window. The generalskill set that most of us possess gets pushed back in the dark, and this is exactly how most inspired traders get trapped into a losing cycle which never seems to end.

Bear in mind that my pivot trading method comes with the iPivot® software, but if you pay close attention to the charts above, you will quickly notice that most entries did NOT even give me a signal. You see, we only enter if certain conditions take place, with or without a signal from the software.

The first thing you have to know is what tell-tale signs to look for… and… 99.5% of all day traders (and brokers)… don’t have a clue!

Next, you have to know how to tell… if… a tell-tale sign you are seeing will move the price or not.

That’s where I shine! I’m not a market guru. I’m not a registered investment advisor. I’m not a broker. However…

I Am A Very Consistent
Day Trader!

On a regular basis I speak with traders around the world via Skype and one of the things I hear the most is when someone tells me, “yesterday I’ve made 80 ticks on Crude Oil!” (or whatever else it may be)


“Very good” I say, “but can you do that every day?” Of course the answer is a definite “NO!”

With my pivot trading method, I will show you how to enter using very high probability setups, which in return give you a favourable 3-to-1 risk-to-reward, meaning you’ll never risk more than 10 ticks (or pips) and your target will be 30 or more.

Now you need to ask yourself, “can we do THAT every day, several times if we really wanted to?” And the answer is a definite “YES!”

Hey, are you starting to suspect we’re on to something here? Good!

Hit High Probability Trade Setups!

With the use of the concepts explained in my “iPivot® day trading method part one” PDF manual, you give yourself an edge and a chance to become a consistently profitable day trader. You can trade and finish up the trading day in as little as just a few short minutes.

This is your opportunity to wipe the slate clean… eliminate all the conflicting and confusing advice you’ve been force fed… and finally trade like the PROFESSIONALS do.

In fact, all you need is to understand my “simple key market principles,” become an expert with implementing them and you’re ready to start cashing in on the opportunities the markets offer every single day.

Okay, So What?

Here’s what: what do you think are the benefits of trading pivots? Well, the market trends only 20% of the time, the remaining 80% it pivots up & down. Why would anyone in their right frame of mind want to trade something that happens only 20% of the time? I know I would pick something that happens 80% of the time (and just to get things straight, if you end up falling on a trending day, you can do exceptionally well!).

And best of all, if you missed a pivot trading opportunity, chances are… 20 minutes later you could have another one.

Listen: There’s much more to my pivot trading method which I am leaving out. I’m leaving that stuff out deliberately. I’ve got “tricks” and secrets that will blow your mind.

So, should you hire me to teach you this method?

Probably not!

You see, almost everyone I teach this method makes money. That’s because my method just plain works! But, it’s more than that. I am very selective about the people I teach. I turn down way more people than I accept. That’s because most people are “wired to lose.” They trade with “scared money.” They take way too long to make a decision. They can’t focus. Here are three things you must have… if… you want to make huge profits by using my method:

  1. MONEY: I charge $597 to teach this method. Over and above that, you need at least (ideally) $3,000-$5,000 to begin trading with.Not only that, I don’t want to train you if you have to “scrape” the money together. If you’ve got to max out your credit cards, borrow the money from your brother-in-law or anything like that, you will be trading with “scared money” and…

Scared Money
Can’t Win!

  1. TIME: You’ve got to be able to trade at market open every day exclusively (none of these afternoon/afterhours nonsense) and… 3. THE ABILITY TO MAKE A FAST DECISION: Want to call a friend or broker and ask what they think is going to happen next?

You’re Out!

With my method, you’ve got to be fast, focused and fearless.

Well, that’s about it. If you’ve got the right stuff, I can teach you something that will give you financial freedom for the rest of your life. You won’t need any employees. Actually, you won’t need an office, a partner, a factory, a product, or anything else that makes your life heavy. You can use this method and make thousands of dollars from any location on earth. Add it all up and it spells…

F R E E D O M !

Now, let’s discuss something very important: How can you determine if I am absolutely right about all this or not? Could it be I have made some kind of mistake when I try and convince you I have honestly figured out how to beat the market?

I’ve thought about this a lot and, here is what I’ve decided to do: I want you to try out the “iPivot® day trading method part one” absolutely Risk-Free!

Better Than No Risk Guarantee

You are fully protected by my “Try It Risk FREE 100% Satisfaction” Guarantee!

Here’s my “ACT NOW – DECIDE LATER” offer. Give my “iPivot®” software & method a fair try 100% RISK FREE. Get it today, discover and use it to its fullest potential, and if you’re not absolutely ecstatic about everything, than I don’t want to keep your money!

All I ask is that you truly give it a fair shot. And if for some strange reason you do not succeed, just show me proof and I will gladly refund your entire purchase price, “no-questions-asked!”

And you get 365 days to use it and make up your mind! That’s more than a guarantee — that’s my personal promise!

There is one more little detail. My trading method is so good… that… if you end up getting it… and… you use it exactly the way I use it… you will make huge profits… or…

I Will Give You
Double Your Money Back!

This is for real. I don’t think there is anyone else on Ebay offering this type of a deal!

There’s Simply No Way You Can Lose!

I explain in very simple, step-by-step detail, exactly how to use it and what to do next. There are lots of chart examples. You’ll get the 147 page manual in digital format, so all you have to do is double click on the PDF and read it.

As you read the manual, I speak to you like a friend you’ve just invited over for a cup of java or a glass of chardonnay. You ask me to tell all about this powerful method & software. And that is exactly what I do.

But I must warn you, my straightforwardness is not enjoyed by everybody. It is written for adults with an adult sense of humor and enough intelligence and wisdom to know and appreciate the difference between plain talk and common sense versus suedo-intellectual bullshit. Therefore, if you’re humorless, stuffed shirt too uptight to be taken out of your “comfort zone” once in a while, please do not buy!

On the other hand, if you’re the kind person that wants to make money and lots of it, and at the same time doesn’t mind having a good time while you’re at it… well, then… you and I are about to begin a fascinating adventure!

Did you know a much lesser refined version of this method was recently sold for $4,995?

Since what you’re getting is right on the mark, without any guess work, without any “filler” material, and ready to start making you money just 58 minutes after you get it by e-mail, I’d conservatively say it’s worth at least $9,995.


My aim is to have this easy trading method in the hands of a few lucky traders to reverse their losses while taking the mystery out of trading.

So I’ve decided to let you have it for just…$597! Think that’s too much? Then, your decision is very simple:

Don’t Order!
But, if you’ve got the right stuff including the money, the ambition and the attitude… and… the ability to know when opportunity is knocking at your door with a vengeance (as it is right now) then you should get the “iPivot®” software immediately.

What you have just read so far, is an overview of what I believe and obviously what others believe, is the most amazing, exciting and definitely one of the most profitable methods of leveraging both your time and money… 84% of the time.

But, before you get too excited, you need to know…

This Offer Is NOT For Everybody!

In fact, I’m not even allowing most people to get my “iPivot®” software. Why? Because some people cannot cope with any type of loss whatsoever. And, even though I am one of the few who actually makes money trading the markets, I get it wrong sometimes.

And when I do, I lose money. If you trade on a continuing basis, it is 100% certain you will experience losing trades every now and again.

So, if you’re the kind of person who is not emotionally stable enough to handle a loss, then I don’t want you to get this.

On the other hand, if you have the required amount of courage pumping through your veins… and… you are the kind of person who likes to take scientifically analyzed and carefully calculated risks, then the “iPivot®” software is exactly what you’re looking for.

If you’re not convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt… at any time… that this amazing method is not everything I’ve just written about it, then I insist you immediately demand a full refund. That’s right, at any time after trying the “iPivot®” software you are not convinced it’s a “very-little-work-on-your-part, hassle-free” method of day trading with a very high success rate, then I insist you demand a full refund. Just show me proof and that refund will be sent to you immediately!

You could bid on as many as 50 auctions and come no where even close to what you’ll get with this method. Shameless hyperbole but true. And if you bid, I’ll e-mail it to you so you’ll have it in your inbox only minutes later.

Don’t feel guilty if you don’t buy though. I understand this isn’t for everyone. And thanks for reading this far.


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