Simpler Trading – Day Trading Recipes

Simpler Trading – Day Trading Recipes

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Simpler Trading – Day Trading Recipes

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Simpler Trading – Day Trading Recipes

Simpler Trading – Day Trading Recipes

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Day Trading Recipes: Simple Setups for Low Risk Futures Trading Profits

Discover the time-tested strategies John Carter, Raghee Horner, and the Simpler Team use to identify high probability intraday futures trades (indicators sold separately)

What will you learn?

  • How to Make $1,000 a day (or more) trading index futures intraday, even if you’re a beginner with a smaller account (Learn simple high probability setups we’ve refined for over 20 years)
  • You need to watch the market all day? Wrong! Discover our favorite ‘windows of opportunity’ and trade less than 15 minutes a day (You can trade at night while binge watching Netflix if you prefer).
  • 5 ‘tried and true’ setups with the potential to crank out consistent weekly profits.  Professional traders have exploited these patterns for decades because they repeat almost like clockwork.  These little-known ‘old school’ patterns may be all that you’ll ever need to trade full or part-time.
  • How to read stock market internals like an open book.  Even when the market is plummeting faster than your charting platform can print bars, you can know exactly what’s going on.  It’s all about institutional order flow and automated trading programs.  Learn this one skill and you’ll know whether you want to buy, sell, or stay out at a glance.
  • Discover which futures markets to avoid like the plague.  Fact is, you only need to watch a few symbols to have more than enough opportunity to profit.  You can safely ignore the rest. Just follow our simple checklist and know which symbols we like to trade.
  • How to use futures price action as a leading indicator to predict major turning points in certain stocks and ETFs. Take full advantage of this little-known tell-tale sign to avoid getting blindsided by sudden reversals.
  • The ONE powerful setup that my 15 year old niece (with zero experience) used to make about $18,000 in 3-weeks.  This ‘bread and butter’ trade offers the potential for rapid account growth with limited risk (even if you’ve never traded before).
  • Worried about your portfolio? Even if you never want to day trade futures, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and easily you can hedge against another market meltdown and sleep soundly at night (it’s even possible to profit while everyone else is panicking as their nest eggs get scrambled).

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