The Ultimate Forex Structure Course

The Ultimate Forex Structure Course

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The Ultimate Forex Structure Course

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The Ultimate Forex Structure Course

The Ultimate Forex Structure Course

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Tracy Layne

I am almost ashamed to divulge the amount of money I have wasted on every get-rich-become-a-millionaire-earn-thousands-per-day-get-our-signals-5min binaries scam program out there. You name the program or provider and I’m guaranteed to own it or have tried it. When I came across BTG and Mike Perrigo’s Forex Structure Course, I was immediately introduced to professionals! I learned that there are no instant, hands free riches in trading. You HAVE to have the knowledge, you HAVE to have the training, you HAVE to have the support, and yes, you HAVE to do the work. The Forex Structure Course will NOT disappoint! The knowledge and skills I have acquired are worth the price of the course 10x over. In one month of applying the strategies learned in the course, it was paid for AND I was deep in profit. No other program, strategy or bells and whistles program will ever be needed. I am proud to say that not only do I belong to a great group of professional traders but I am becoming one myself ๐Ÿ™‚

Ethan. S

Amazing!! This course has taken my trading to the next level. Through this course I have learned how to mark up charts, and find edges in the market that have lead me to make better trades. I wanted a course to teach me how to trade and how to place the trades at the right time. This course has done those two things. Thank you Sean and Michael.

JR Beneche

Michael have made my trading dreams come true. I’ve spent a lot money trying to find a good trading strategy,and the forex course just gave me the steps,the method,on how to legitimately trade,the trading style is easy to follow and if one is patient you can find some great opportunities in the market and you can see clearly what to trade and easily plan each day each week. I can’t thank him enough for this.

Dan S.

I first met Michael Perrigo in early 2016 shortly after joining BTG. It didn’t take me long before I realized this guy was something I aspired to be. My father always told me to “find someone who is doing what you want to do and do what they’re doingโ€ฆ you can’t help but get similar results.” I took my fatherโ€™s words to heart and have literally been a fly on Mikeโ€™s shoulder ever since. He and I have become friends over the past 1.5 years and he has taught me so much and helped me grow as a trader. When he mentioned to me he was developing a forex course for BTG, I was stoked. Even though I have learned from him for nearly 2 years, I still purchased the course in the quest for furthering my education and knowledge as a trader. I was absolutely blown away by the content and conciseness of the course. Mike has done an excellent job at putting together a step-by-step guide to approaching the market. Although one can never truly master the markets, Mikeโ€™s forex course will give you the absolute best edge out there, in my opinion. Iโ€™ll forever be indebted to Michael and BTG for guiding me on my journey as a trader.

Chris Ledoux

I had been fascinated for months by the trade posts of Michael Perrigo! They were like artwork to fresh eyes and delivered great encouragement to this new prospecting day trader. I was very excited when the news hit that the Forex Structure Course was going to be offered and there was no question of enrolling because I knew the course would easily pay for itself. The content is delivered with the same clarity and simplicity that I was introduced to with BTG and it builds excitement as you learn! Very easy to understand through well-organized sections that guide your thought process to a point where youโ€™re not scratching your head in the end, but youโ€™re anxious to trade right away! Previously astonished by an incredible trader, I have now had the veil lifted to his process of trading success!

Josh A

Mike does a great job teaching his methods and making them simple to understand and implement. I’m so glad that I have this course and I’m excited to finally become a profitable forex trader!

Nick Hertz

Awesome info I wanted to use this to trade ATM contracts and am up $25 on 1 contract 20 mins after finishing the course


BTG group has been a very good education for me! Along with the forex structure course, I have learned a lot. The daily battle plans boosts confidence and makes it well worth the investment!

Clarke Jose

It’s my third day since I have purchased Michael Perrigo’s structure course. I didn’t know much about Michael Perrigo except his posts on the chatroom and a reference from Ryan on our 15-minute phone call about him being one of the advanced traders. While I couldn’t break down the content of what he was posting in the form of his pictures, my jaw literally dropped when I went through his training course videos. It all went full circle! The biggest root to technical analysis is structure and he teaches it in fullness! With this knowledge and BTG charts I can trade full well knowing I’ll never have to invest thousands on dollars in other courses ever again. That within itself is a winner! Thanks Michael Sean Ryan! #BTGTOTHETICK

Bob Del Valle

This is a great Forex course to learn how to make good trades. I sent lots of money on other companies and got no profit or very litttle. So much good info from some pretty amazing people in BTG. They are always willing to help. So glad I found all of you. Thank you & God bless.

Dewayne Williams

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! here’s why 1.) Michael Perrigo is a absolute beast at trading & his way of teaching is very simple & straightforward. not all that talking in code crap. 2.) the knowledge in this course is amazing & has changed the way I look at every market including Indices. 3.) you won’t find a better price for this much knowledge. I’ve paid thousands for other course’s & didn’t get nearly as much info from them as i got with this course. 4.) The facebook group is very supportive & i can see what others are looking at & compare charts. 5.) the whole BTG community from Michael, Sean & Ryan are all awesome people & i’m so glade i joined. This is definitely one of the best decisions of my life. Thank you all so much for making this happen.


Michael’s course was what i needed to take my training to the next level. I can’t thank Michael Perrigo and BTG enough for what you all have done to make us better traders. I started trading 2 years ago and started out being scammed, buying a bunch of worthless indicators (which don’t work) I’m not sure if there is such a title of “Master Trader” but Michael would definitely have that title and I would recommend the Forex Structure course to anyone.

Michelle Barkman

I am so thankful for this Forex course with Michael. I had no clue what to do or how to even start. Michael explains in a easy manner and not at a fast pace. In a way I could understand the different areas of Forex. I take care of my parents and my in laws so TIME is hard to come by. These videos are there for me to watch when I can watch them. If I do not get it the first time I rewatch no problem. You will not go wrong with this course. Thanks to Michael , Sean, Ryan ..

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Jason D Becker

I can not say enough about BTG! Sean and Michael has changed the way I approached trading. I started with BTG and their monthly subscription and then bought the Forex Structure course, these guys walk you through everything you need to know about trading. This is not only an investment in your trading, but also your future.

George H

Thank You Sean and Mike! Having this course is like looking into a 3 D poster, Once you know how to look at it, your trading will become so much better and a lot more clearer..

Pete Norton

In going through Michael’s course I can only wish I had been introduced to it some years ago. The content and his approach to trading is amazing and a breath of fresh air. He delivers it in short manageable chunks giving one theme to each modual

Micah N

I can’t say enough good things about the Forex Course. Mike’s course is an excellent foundation for learning Forex, but more than that he really shows you how to trade where structure is and how to map it all out. In my family we refer to him as Magic Mike, fortunately he keeps his clothes on. His trading skills are magical and the amount of information in this course has helped my FX trades tremendously! I am so happy I took the time to learn from this course, if you’re on the fence about it…don’t be!


I love this course!! I have spent thousands of dollars on groups, courses, indicators, signals, mentors, and finally came across a “REAL” trader that teaches you how to trade yourself, without relying on someone else. The training videos are nice and short, to the point, easy to understand. Anyone can implement this part time or full time. The price of this course is unbelievably low and can be made back in just a couple of trades. Mike Perrigo, Sean Janz, Ryan Smith and the whole BTG family are always here for anyone that needs help. After years of searching i can now say i have found the last and final course for the rest of my life! Thank you!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Nelson M

The content of this training is awesome. I thought trading Forex was complicated until I watched Michael Perrigo’s training. Michael is a living legend.. Thanks for taking from your time and create this set of videos that explain in detail everything you need to be successful.

Sean Booker

Best course structure ever received! Within 48 hrs I won my 1zt trade on nadex! I highly recommend this course for all traders

Adam Law

I feel so incredibly lucky to have crossed paths with Sean and Michael. This course has transformed what was once so much mystery and fear about trying to invest and day trade my money, and replaced it with understanding and a continual hunger to improve my own trading abilities. This course was exactly, to a tee, what I was looking to learn, and was worth every penny. Taking what I’ve applied in this course, applying it to all of my trades, has really changed the way I see the market as well as my understanding. I don’t see lines and confusion on my charts anymore. I see opportunities. I couldn’t recommend BTG, Sean and Michael more.


Michael is very good at what he does. He is willing to work with you until you get it. His training is detailed and easy to follow. This is my second time going through his training. I learn something new every time I go over the course.

John Good

Mike’s course has really laid a groundwork for my understanding of how structure really works in trading as a whole. I’m learning and growing everyday and am able to see setups to trade without using all the skittles involved in using indicators. I highly recommend this course for anyone interested in trading.

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