V Zones Trading Boot Camp Course

V Zones Trading Boot Camp Course

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V Zones Trading Boot Camp Course

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V Zones Trading Boot Camp Course

V Zones Trading Boot Camp Course

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This unique and Dynamic analysis approach gives a precise trading map with precise trade locations giving you the skills to masterfully pick market turning point locations in the markets in any time  frames with stunning accuracy. This method has Revitalized Institutional concepts providing  Predictions with precision giving the foresight  many strive to achieve all their trading life.

You will learn how to continually look for trade locations that provides the best trade opportunities that give the best reward with low risk. This unique and Dynamic analysis approach takes supply and demand to the next level, using the concepts of the auction theory as its backbone but without the confusion.

The Online Boot Camp will cover the proprietary material with in the method.

We shall be covering the basics of my proprietary material with the Auction Theory and how we apply  that to the HTF.
These topics will help with structure therefore will aid in continuity of analysis which means your analysis will become structured and robust.

We shall be looking how to locate locations on any time frame and explaining what we expect from these location based on a simple concept of the auction.

From there the expectations help give us clues to the next market move so we can prepare ourselves for the next trend or the next reversal.

Applying the concepts to charts and watching the expectation as they unfold. The best thing about this method is that when a level fails it tells us a story and it’s our Job as a trader to read that story. So from failure come reward and that alone is worth it’s weight in gold. We shall be utilising video play back so we can look at a variety of examples of the concepts taught.

The fun begins as we will start to cover the F.O levels. This  again is my own proprietary method of defining levels in the intraday time frame but eliminates all the noise associated with the lower time frames.

・  Basics behind the theory of how the levels came about and why….
・  Basic logic of seeing the levels
・  The nuances…
・  defining the exact zone
・  Entry and exit and expectations
・  And so much more

These levels are great on their own, but when combined with the HTF V-Zone material they are amazing, not just at locating levels to do business, but also at giving expectation of where the market will go and when to hold a trade or fold a trade.

Webinar sessions

There will be on average 24 classes each lasting around 2 hours,  however unlike most I will only stop these classes as and when I am happy that each member understands the information, so NO ONE is left behind, You can attend this seminar in the comfort of your home.

These session will continue the course covering material such as:

Difference between short-term and long-term trade conditions
How do you determine stop placement?
How do you determine trade targets?
How do you enter a trade?
How do you exit a trade.
How to develop consistency and objectivity.
How to filter your trades
Grey zones, these are similar to the F.O levels but they are for trending conditions
2.5 zones and why they are so important and powerful
Capitulation conditions which are great for intra day  or 2 or 3 day swing trades
T.C Condition for the day trader this alone is worth the price of the course, this works more than 90% of the time.

There is no time limit for these weekend classes, we will continue until all the material is covered and understood.

Followed by 4 weeks of daily pre market Preperation prior to the US Open

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