wbprofittrader - PowerScalper Online Day Trading Course

Wbprofittrader – PowerScalper Online Day Trading Course

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wbprofittrader - PowerScalper Online Day Trading Course

Wbprofittrader – PowerScalper Online Day Trading Course

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his is most powerful online day trading course available to retail and pro traders alike- at any price:

When you complete the PowerScalper Online Day Trading Course, you will have a complete understanding of the following trading concepts and will also know how to use them in your everyday trading routine:

  • Trend Recognition– You will go through a series of examples that will teach you to identify the primary trend of any market you trade.
  • Cycles –You will learn how to recognize price cycles, why cycles are so important for not only entering a trade, but also for taking profits.
  • PowerClose –You will learn to trade in the direction of the closes to improve your odds of winning from a 50/50 coin-toss, to an 80%-plus probability of profit..
  • ProfitTrader Indicators– You will learn how to use the PT indicators and why we love using them to trade the markets every single day.

When you sign up for the PowerScalper online course… you will watch in real time how the information in our PowerScalper Trading Patterns eBook comes alive! Each video depicts many live trading examples that you can review again and again until you fully understand the powerful trading concepts presented.

The PowerScalper Trading Course is not software, but it is an online trading course using the methods taught in our eBook that demonstrate the software indicators of ProfitTrader.

Customer Comment –

Hi Jerome, how are you? I just wanted to touch base with you after having almost completed the Day Trading School, to thank you and congratulate you.  Amazing material, very good course!  I´m setting up my trading account again after a long period of inactivity, and I really look forward to start trading and using the PowerScalper method.

Thanks and regards,


Key topics taught in the course include:

  • Setting up your work spaces for day trading
  • The seven key indicators to use in your charts
  • Description of each ProfitTrader indicator’s function
  • Learn about the 4 to 9 bar cycle count
  • Learn about the PowerClose patterns
  • How to determine the trend
  • Look at short- term indicators
  • Look at long term indicators
  • Retracement bar buy / sell entry pattern
  • Why the entry is so important – pick the prime spots
  • Market geometry
  • Scalping into positions
  • Watch longer- term chart indicators
  • PowerClose on shorter- term charts versus longer- term charts
  • Add to your position on confirmation of the bar close
  • Protective stop orders
  • Scaling out of positions
  • Try to catch the entire anticipated move -or not
  • Move protective stop orders
  • Live examples – indexes
  • Live examples – stocks
  • Scalping a during the overnight session
  • What to do when a trade does not work out
  • Summary of the PowerScalper Online Day Trading Course

I believe in the 4 to 9 Bar Cycle Count – All Market have Cycles


I believe in the PowerClose

Downtrend, Sell the PowerCloses below the open of the same bar

Trade in the direction of the close

I believe in the ProfitTrader Indicators

Profit Trader Indicators

Recent Sample Chart of using our system  11 Trades, 10 Winners using ProfitTrader


Another Sample Chart – 11 for 12 Trades –

These winners are based on the 1 to 2 point profit targets per trade with 2.00 point stop the SP500 – the red and blue Lines Represent RedLine of 10 Minute Chart if it was pointing up or down.


Start your journey toward more successful trading today by signing up for the PowerScalper Online Day Trading Course!

You, too, can learn to day trade for a living – from anywhere in the world.

MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: At the end of the course the PowerScalper©” day trading course, you will be a better, more confident trader, guaranteed or your money back. Just show us a chart where our patterns did not work and we will return your course fee.


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