Wilke & Ed Downes – Client Launch Formula

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Wilke & Ed Downes – Client Launch Formula

Wilke & Ed Downes – Client Launch Formula

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The most common question that I get is,
“How do I get more clients FAST, without
being a pushy salesperson?”
So today, I’m going to give you ONE THING
that you can do to get a LOT of new clients
in a cool and ethical way.
I got the idea from my friend Ed…
When I first met Ed, all he had to eat
were granola bars.
His wife had left, he had run out of money,
and recent health problems had sucked
him dry of energy and savings…
He had had success as a local marketer,
but using the traditional “one at a time” approach…
Since he was starting again from zero, he
asked that commonly asked question:
“How can I get a lot of clients FAST?”
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He only had time to do ONE THING.
Do you know what the ONE THING was?
Simply put: he put a bunch of people in a room
at one time (by having somebody else doing the work),
and he got them fighting for his business,
using a strategy he calls the “Client Launch Formula.”
The result?
$9,600/month in new business the first day.
$16,800/month in new business the second time.
And $22,800/month in business the third time.
In total… that’s almost $50,000 PER MONTH in new
business from just THREE presentations.
And that was from doing just ONE thing to get new
Needless to say, his “client getting problem” was
solved forever.
In fact, all he had to do was this ONE THING,
and he was set financially.
Can you imagine feeling “set?”
Imagine that you could flip a switch and
have $10,000 to $50,000 a month in client
checks coming in TOMORROW…

Get Wilke & Ed Downes – Client Launch Formula right now!
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